Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vancouver (Part 2: Out on the Town)

After we had a blast at the suspension bridge, we decided to go explore the city. We couldn't check in until 4pm so we still had a good 3 hours. We parked in the middle and the first thing we discovered was the Olympic Cauldron. Matt really thought that was neat. 

There was also an awesome orca whale statue and that is our power animal. 
(Ha, anyone watch Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory?)

It was beautiful seeing the ocean. It was a crummy day, but that's to be expected around here :)
We then found ourselves heading to the historic Gastown area of Vancouver. It was neat. Gas lamps lined the streets. I was a little disappointed in the shops (very touristy) but I have a feeling we just weren't in the right place. Before we left for our trip Katie & Chris told us about an Irish pub that they used to eat at for dinner/drinks and dancing, "The Blarney Stone". We walked right next to it, so decided to eat there for lunch...Chicken Strips & Fries of course. The Pepsi was nasty. I forgot that it would taste different...so weird.

After lunch we were officially exhuasted. Remember, the day before was my girls competition that we were up at 5am for...then up at 6am to leave for Vancouver followed by a long drive...we were done.
We headed back to find our hotel. We had to go to a visitors center to find the address. (We weren't thinking and completely forgot we couldn't use our phones once we crossed the border). 
We loved our hotel so much! It was beautiful! We got there around 4pm and then just hung out there until dinner. 

View from our window. 16th floor.

If I keep going, this post is going to be never ending...I'll follow up with dinner and Monday later. Time to go make dinner for Matt before he leaves for school :)

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  1. Sooo pretty! Looks like you guys had an amazing/tiring time!!