Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who'da Thunk.

Matt gave me a surreal realization tonight.

He asked me, "When did you move to what day?"
"March 15, 2008."
"Wow, you would have never guessed then that one year from that day you would be living in Washington and already be nannying for two weeks...!"

Now I just saw this and thought it was so fitting.
Living here with Matt really is a dream come true, a dream I never even knew I had.
Washington?? Ask me 5 years ago where it was on the map and I probably would have had to think about it lol. I thought for sure I would live in Wisconsin forever. Or maybe Illinois.
I remember before I met Matt and had a friend at Disney from Oregon and I remember thinking that was just SO far another country far. Ha. I really would have never in my wildest dreams guessed that I'd end up being in Washington. That I would get married in Washington. That I would own a dance studio in Washington.
It's just so crazy to me when Matt put it like that. Kind of scary really. It gives me a weird yucky feeling. An exciting yucky feeling, but an out of control feeling.

He ended the conversation with "Ha, and you think you can plan everything..!" Then just started a new conversation.

...I didn't laugh. I was definitely not done thinking about what he said. It is still sinking in. I suddenly feel a bit home sick. (April's not too far away). I don't like not being in control of my life. That has been the biggest challenge I've faced in being married. There is always that little feeling and reminder that no longer for the rest of my life can I just make any decision I want and do it. We're a team. Just because I want something, doesn't mean Matt has to. So far I've been general, we want the same things. 

Man, it's just so crazy. In one year my life went from dreaming big a Disney to moving to Washington with the man of my dreams...who is now my husband! We've been married for almost 6 months and it still feels cool to say :)

I hope I never stop dreaming. I hope I never stop planning. Just so long as I'm okay when those things change...that's what growing up is all about. Adapting to change.

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