Monday, February 6, 2012

Naughty Puppy

Matt just picked me up from dance and says
"So don't freak out, but Cogsy is in his crate."
Me: (knowing that means he did something that's gonna piss me off) "What did he do...?" (after a loooong Monday night)
"He dumped over the garbage while I was gone dropping you off and ate a lot of it..."

We got home and I went to go let him out of his crate...this is what we found LOL.
Apparently he doesn't want a pillow in his bed...or he was mad for being in his crate. 
Seriously the funniest dog ever. 
(don't was a $2.00 Ikea pillow)

You've been framed Little Mister!
(I couldn't be mad at him after seeing this lol)

Now time to eat yummy steak and watch the Bachelor with my hubby and our awesome dog :)


  1. Omg! haha Monster does the same thing. If there is a pillow anywhere near her she pulls all the stuffing out. She does the same thing with toys which is why I refuse to buy her anything but bones. Silly puppy.

  2. Ha! Cute Kristen :) Thankfully, Cogsy doesn't tear up our pillows or his toys. He carries his toys around so carefully. We say "Go get your baby" and he brings us his little elephant and will just lick it :) Ha. BUT if we put anything in his's done for lol.

  3. Don't you just love it when someone starts off a sentence with "don't freak out...but"! Our dog, Kona, was notorious for chewing things apart when he was mad. He chewed up our couch!

  4. Haha aw he is the cutest little convict ever! Pugs are the best and they have the BEST personalities!

  5. I have a pug/chihuaha mix and whatever he does I can't ever get mad... This picture of Cogsy is adorable!

  6. Love your doggie!
    I have 2 pugs, they're the best:)

    New follower right here!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)