Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valentine's Surprise!

Matt successfully surprised me last night...this never happens. 

I was fully convinced that I would not be seeing my husband until 10:30pm. 
When I got home from dance at 7:15 last night, I walked in the door ready to give Matt a quick kiss as he ran out the door to go to school...

I came home to a dim lit apartment with candles and a beautiful dinner on the table, as well as flowers, chocolates, wine and my favorite (Regina Spektor) Pandora playing...I cried.
Matt played hookie.
He completely 100% had me fooled all day. I kept texting him all day how "I really miss you today" "I wish I could see you tonight." I even tried to get Autumn to sub for me (good thing she couldn't or Matt's plan would have been ruined).

He still had his interview clothes on and looked so handsome.
Dinner was delicious. After dinner we baked cookie brownies and ate them with ice cream...I also at a bunch of my See's chocolates and drank 2 glasses of wine :)
We watched Dance Mom's (yes, we both look forward to it on Tuesday nights) lol.

It was perfect. Matt is such a great husband and really is my best friend. He knows me so well. (Sometimes I think too well to where he knows me better than I do...)

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday!

I also wanted to share with you the present I made for Matt.

*Orlando/Vero Beach, FL (where we met and went on our first getaway)
I put the heart next to Windermere too because that's where we had a town home.

*Issaquah, WA (where we got married)

*Sunriver, OR (our honeymoon and where we're going back for our 1st anniversary)

I also got him Top Gun on blu-ray. It was the movie we watched together when he came over after our first date :)

Booking our hotel for Vancouver this weekend now!! YAY!!


  1. What an awesome surprise and what a great present you made for him!! Have fun in Vancouver!

  2. Aww I love you guys. This is sooo cute! I am just going to live through you guys until hubby gets back haha