Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wednesdays are by far our favorite night of the week. Wednesdays are a hard teaching day for me because I have 5 classes and they just get harder (more intense) as the day goes on...2-3's, 3-5's, 4-6's, Musical Theater and ends with Boys Hip Hop. I love that I have something to look forward to after :)
We go to Zeek's Pizza with our wonderful friends Chris and Katie (baby Avery too!) every Wed.
I wish I had pictures from our Trivia Night dates but we're always talking and having so much fun that I never even think to pull out the camera until I get home and want to write about it. 
We've never won, we've never came close, but it is just so much fun!
I think I maybe answer 1 question out of the 40/night...(sometimes more). Katie and I talk the whole time and chime in to the answers here and there but Matt and Chris really get into it :) I love it so much. I love being with them so much! I feel super super lucky we have them. 
I love that me and Katie are so close, but that Matt and Chris have a blast together too. The other night we went over there and Katie and I were hanging out with Avery in the nursery for a good hour while Matt and Chris sat in the living room cracking up watching YouTube videos :) 
I love that Matt has found a good friend, too. The other night I was being a whiny pants and said to Matt, "We don't have anything coming up to look forward to," (I meant vacation-wise). His response..."Well I do, I look forward to Zeek's every week." Hehe I agreed, being with Chris and Katie is always something to look forward to :) Oh oops, and Avery, can't forget the little cutie pants who was making the cutest little faces all through dinner tonight, hehe.

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