Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest Friday {Hubby Edition}

This week went so incredibly fast. Must have meant it was fun :)
Here's my favorite 7 finds this week.

I'm going to make these and give them to Matt for Valentine's Day. 
Vero Beach, FL (where I realized I wanted to be with him forever)/ Issaquah, WA (where we were married and share our home together)/ Sunriver, OR (where we honeymooned and dreamt a lot of what is yet to come). They'll be perfect above our bed. Matt loves maps. 

I just contacted this Etsy seller to see if she can make me this but of FL. I still think it's amazing that we were both in Florida. I really am so happy we both showed up there. Especially because that was Matt's second time moving to Florida and I always said I was never leaving little ole' Hartford, WI.

I think this would be so much fun to have. : ) I would have so much fun writing little notes to Matt on it to show my appreciation for all the things he does. 

He totally is :)

I can't wait to be riding bikes in Sunriver again. That is one of my best memories with Matt :) We had so much fun riding our bikes all around. 

I can't wait to learn how to make these with my hubby. He loves potstickers!

One day :)
Matt's already the best husband...he's going to be the best dad too.

I can't wait for our first Valentine's Day together as Husband and Wife :)
I love my hubby!

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  1. Those are all so cute! Love them all! :)

    I would love if you linked this up to my Friday Favorites link party! :)