Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little Hero

I just saw this on my parent's Facebook. A conversation my dad had with my 8 year old baby brother...we all knew this day would come. It was bound to.

(Watching the Magic Kingdom Fireworks the day before my Mom & Caleb dropped me off...he was already a dreamer at 4...)
(This is my Dad's Facebook status currently)
Caleb: Dad I want to say something but you will get mad.
Dad: No I won't, what do you want to say?
Caleb: Well it is hard to say to you...cause when I get big, like 18 well you know I have to go away!
(Dad thinking he's pulling a Chelsea and want's to move out asap lol)
Dad: Go away where? Like move out you mean?
Caleb: Well kind of...That is when I am going to be a Marine!

I just watched this video and cried. Not because I'm worried about Caleb and it scared me (I am worried about Caleb and it does scare me) but...I cried because already at 8 years old I know that if Caleb did this, he would be the best damn Marine out there. Like my Dad wrote later, Caleb already wants to be the hero. My Dad said after talking with Caleb he was waiting for Samuel L Jackson to come to the door for Caleb to be an Avenger :). Caleb is a tough kid. Well...actually, he cries a lot. It's because he has a big heart. Of all 5 of us kids, Caleb would for sure be the only one able to do something like this. He's quick and crazy smart. He's been doing flips from the couch, trees, anything really since he could walk. He's our little breakdancer. He's strong. Really strong. He has a sense of humor. He could make it. Matt and I actually talk often about what we picture Caleb being like when he's older. We picture him being crazy respectful and an amazing friend. A hard worker. Loyal. He really would make the perfect Marine. 

(3 or 4 years old)

(this is a silly picture, but for the first 4 or 5 years of his life he truly believed he was Spiderman)

And now, he wants to be a Marine...just like my Dad. 
Now after that video and all the stories I've heard I want my dad to start teaching Caleb how to get dressed and make his bed at super speed (one less thing for him to get yelled at there) wouldn't hurt if he did a few push ups every night too ; ) Man...I really love my baby brother. My dad kind of made it so that Cody wouldn't ever want to be a Marine, he was worried. Now I think we're all regretting buying Caleb all those Nerf guns for Christmas...! 

If that is what he decides to do 10 years from now when he's 18, we would all back him up 150%. And on the inside and when he wouldn't see... we would all be crying and worrying lots and lots. Caleb is going to be the guy who risks his own life to save someone else (it's what a Marine is supposed to do)...Caleb would never think twice about that...that's the scary part. It makes me think of the song my Dad used to sing to us before we went to bed every night, "Billy Don't Be a Hero." -- (The Billy Song). 

Love you, stop trying to grow up so fast!

Semper Fi, Dad.

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  1. This precious! :) He may change his mind by then. He's got a few years :)