Sunday, July 7, 2013

Capturing Moments

Today was a wonderfuly relaxing Saturday.
Just what the doctor ordered.

Started this morning off at the chiropractor & then treated myself to some Starbucks.

Matt and I had a few light errands to run and one exciting one included starting to buy some things we needed for our hospital bag. It was fun to start planning that together. 

We ate lunch at Mod and then made our last big purchase before Lillian's here.
We finally own a DSLR camera and we spent the rest of the day learning all about it and playing with Aperture for our iMac. 

Here are a few pictures we have from the day with our new camera. I can't wait to get some beautiful pictures of Lillian, and Lillian with Matt and Cogsy : ) I am also going to use the camera a lot for work. Hoping that I can get some great photos to use on our website! 

I hope we figure out all the settings and editing soon. There is so much to learn, but it's so much fun! It's going to be a great way for me to get through the next 5 1/2 weeks. 

Our sweet Cogsy was the perfect model today. This was the first picture I took : )

I love this picture so much! 

Super edited. I even learned how to smooth our skin and whiten our teeth in pictures. I had no make up on today. Pretty awesome. 

This photo is raw. No editing. 

My back was hurting a ton today, so instead of our usual walk to the pond, Matt drove us to the end of the path so I only had to walk less than a block to the pier to play with our camera.

We ended our night watching "Identity Thief". Pretty good day. 

Tomorrow morning we have our maternity photos and I'm so excited!
After that we are headed over to my friend Melissa's house for brunch with my other friend Katie & her husband, too. (The girls I met at one of my mommy classes a couple months ago). We're all crossing our fingers that our hubbies hit it off as well as we did. We're so close to meeting our sweet baby girls now. Tomorrow's going to be so much fun! I'm sure I'll get to take a ton more pictures too ; )


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