Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mama Bird

It is no secret that I am an intensely ambitious & motivated person. Matt will tell you that it is to a fault and a blessing at the same time. Most of the time I'd have to agree. Well now mix that personality with nesting and you get... a crazy person. 

I have literally cleaned every inch of our apartment. To the point where there is nothing left to clean.
Well...I take that back, I can think of a few places I missed now that I'm writing about it.
*Inside the washing machine lid I saw dust around the inside I wanted to tackle.
*I'd like to clean out the inside of our fireplace
*I could always sweep our patio again because it was a few weeks ago that Matt did it...

See what I mean.
It's been driving Matt insane. 

I accomplish like 800 things a day. Just when I think, 'okay, our apartment is ready!'...nope, find like 5 more things to fix. Yesterday I tackled our shoe closet. Bought a shoe rack, swept and mopped out the entire shoe closet, sorted through all of our shoes and re-organized them into a new location. (I accomplished this entire task in about 15 minutes) can imagine how much I did yesterday & Monday with my days off. I also read half of "Happiest Baby on the Block".

Here is that list I made the other day of things we have to accomplish before Lilly's arrival. Let's see where we are:

{Last minute stuff on our list}
*Finish getting Lilly's Baby Book up to date
*Clean all pictures off of my computer on to our external hard drive
*De-clutter and clean out our "nook"
*Deep clean apartment (I'm talking scrubbing base boards & dusting out vents deep)
*Get our vacuum fixed (thanks Cogsworth)
*Finish reading all my parenting books
*Install her carseat
*Order final items we need that we didn't get from our showers (just a few more things)
*Finish packing my hospital bag (nursing tanks, clothes to wear home, cozy clothes to wear there)
*Clean out our car & get a car wash
*Give Cogsy a bath, brush him, clean his ears & get his nails cut
*Create list of who to call and text at what times

That's insane. I literally made this list 3 days ago. Not even. And we still have 29 days until our due date. I'm seriously going to go crazy if she is late. I am just so ready to be a mommy and for her to just be here. I am the least patient person in the world.

**Currently writing this at 3am because Little Miss Belle doesn't want to sleep and her moves are so huge now that I couldn't possibly sleep while she's up rockin' and rollin' (literally)...I thought they were supposed to calm down when they got big and ran out of room?**

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