Monday, July 22, 2013

Matt's 27th Birthday!

{written last night}

"This was the best birthday I've ever had with you!"...that is what Matt said to me during dinner tonight. ...mission accomplished.

Last night I promised him that I would make him breakfast in bed to eat while he opened his presents. I don't ever cook anymore so it was a big deal for him to not have to do the cooking for once. I made us both (and Lillian) a breakfast of over easy eggs, toast, bacon and added to Matt's plate...strawberries (of course -- I gave him the entire container) ; )

I was so excited to give him his presents this year! New headphones because he likes to stay up later than me lately and watches "Entourage" episodes in bed on his phone, a bag of Gardettos & a box of movie theater butter popcorn (his favorites) and also a box of his favorite Keurig iced coffee. (That was not the end of his presents for the day).

After breakfast, presents and getting ready for the day, we had to run one small errand to Target to get plastic cups for a birthday party that was happening at the studio today. Thank goodness we had to because when we got to the studio we found that all the power was out in Sammamish/Issaquah and there was no light for the party. I had to call the family and explain everything (she was mad, which was absolutely, she asked me to please continue calling to get it fixed as I explained, "Ma'am, if there is no power at Fred Meyer or McDonalds...I'm pretty sure we are not going to be the ones to get the special privilege of having our lights turned on...", crazy lady). We went to Fred Meyer and bought some battery operated night lights to put in the bathroom for the kids and batteries for the boom box. So...for about an hour and a half we had to deal with all of it but Matt was the best sport and I did all the running in and out of everywhere and didn't have him do a thing. (Even through all the pain I felt running in and out of everywhere....his special day!!) :) 

After we finished all of that, we headed to the mall. We got Auntie Anne's pretzels because he always wants them when we go to the mall and we never ever stop to get them. He was pretty pumped. We went to all of his favorite stores and did not step foot in any of my "Chelsea Stores" :) We ventured to the Apple Store and he showed me everything he wants us to one day get, Disney Store & then...the Microsoft Store. This stop I went in alone. I pre-ordered him the new Xbox One and bought him the College Football '14 (don't know the name). He was so so so excited!!! 

We headed home to take Cogsy out and then we were off to the movies.
We saw Pacific Rim in Imax 3-D and it was an awesome movie! We both really loved it. Lilly...not so much. Way too loud for little missy. She was kicking up a storm and we were both rubbing my tummy throughout the movie so she would know it was okay. Matt was really worried about her.

After the movie we headed to Matt's favorite restaurant for dinner, Outback Steakhouse. I'm not the biggest fan so we never go. Usually just on road trips or on Matt's birthday. It was actually pretty good and we had a great time just being together on such a fun date night! 

We are now home and I have his birthday cake in the oven. It would not be a birthday in our house without a Funfetti cake! We stopped and got ice cream to eat with it so later tonight we'll have cake and ice cream and I'll sing him "Happy Birthday". I'm also going to be sure to put 27 candles on it (which he's not so thrilled about). He bought some Strawberry Lemonade Mikes Hard Lemonade and is currently enjoying those while playing his new video game in his pajamas chillaxin' on the couch with Cogsy. 

Tomorrow night we will celebrate with his parents and that will be fun too! We're going to a restaurant called, "Matt's" :) 

We had such a great day together and I am so happy we were able to this year. He deserves it more than anyone I know. He has been nothing but an incredible husband and best friend to me. He always has my back and lately...always rubs my back :) (Even today in the Disney Store while I had a contraction lol). He has been the most supportive husband throughout this whole pregnancy and just through everything these past (almost) 5 years together. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband and Lilly Belle is THE luckiest girl in the world to have him as her daddy!

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