Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Lilly Belle

Dear Lilly,

You have been in mommy's tummy for 37 whole weeks now. From what we know, you're healthy and could make your grand entrance anytime now. I'm doing all that I can to stay busy to make the time to meeting you come a little bit faster. I have never been so excited or ready for anything in my whole life. Okay...maybe this compares just a smidge to how I felt right before knowing I was going to marry your daddy. This is a different kind of ready. Your daddy and I know that our lives are about to change forever. We get to be parents. Better yet...we get to be your parents! We're feeling pretty lucky about that right now. Your sweet little moses basket is all set up in our room now and every time I walk in there and see it I can't help but wish you were sleeping peacefully in there already. You are about to make our lives so much better. Your daddy and I love each other so much but we both know that we're about to love each other so much more knowing we made you together and that we get to raise you together. We can't wait to spend every second possible with you. We've already got big plans for lots of mommy-daddy time, but for the most part, we want to be together as a family. You're a lucky little girl my Lilly Belle. You're going to get to stay home with your daddy every single day. He's promised me that whenever I need to I can take you out for girl time, just the two of us. I imagine your days to be full of Disney music, silliness & play time with Cogsy Wogsy. Daddy is going to start taking over some of my office work so that when I am home, I'll get to play with you as much as possible. I can't wait to read you stories, have dance parties in the living room, do art projects & bake lots of yummy treats for daddy together!

We can already tell you are an incredibly special little girl. You do the funniest things already, even while you're still in my tummy. I call you my ninja baby, you are constantly rolling and kicking me, just like a little ninja. You're getting so big now. People still tell me on a daily basis that I'm "so tiny" but your daddy and I both know that compared to how "tiny" I used to're perfectly big and we know you're growing just fine in there.

I've had lots of signs in the past few weeks that you want to come into this world a little bit early. Now that we made it to 37 weeks, I'm perfectly okay with you coming anytime now! This morning we have our 37 week appointment and we're going to asked to be checked on just how ready to come early you might be. Daddy has a big two big accounting exams left, one Saturday & his final on Friday. If you held off until just after then, that would be even better. Don't worry though, we're prepared either way. Your daddy has been studying so hard and doing so well in school. He wants you to have the best life possible, too. We love you so much, Lilly the moon and back! I cannot wait to meet you!


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