Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Love List

I am linking up with Brittany over at The Magnolia Pair for "Friday's Love List"

The Magnolia Pair

1. I loved having this week off from dance camp. I checked in only a few times and the girls had it all under control. I got so much accomplished while I got to be at home and did not have to worry at all that I wasn't there in charge as usual. Our apartment is now crazy clean, I have read and researched a ton for Lillian's arrival & I was a crafting machine. Matt will most likely be glad when I'm back to camp next week though as I drove him crazy with all of my lists and non-stop nesting.

2. I am so excited about our most recent purchase for Lillian. We finally got her moses basket. I had been set on getting her one I had found at a local baby boutique and it was also on Amazon...then, by the time we were actually ready to purchase it, they no longer make it. So it was back to square one where I quickly realized that I was not too pleased with most of the reviews I was reading on the moses baskets available on Amazon. So...we went all out and ended up buying her this beautiful basked from Restoration Hardware Baby. Yikes. We have been very blessed that so far the only other big purchase we had to make for her was her dresser (which was just from Ikea). Knowing we will one day have another child use this basket makes it feel better as well. Who knows, maybe there will be some nieces or nephews who can also use it one day. It's just so beautiful and it's going to be arriving today (Friday!) We will also be buying her the rocker that goes with it. I'm so in love knowing that our sweet girl will be sleeping beside us in such a lovely place.

3. Mom & Dad Lanese have booked our family trip for a 7-night Caribbean Disney Cruise for December of 2014. The whole family will be going all together. Matt and I are beyond thrilled and thankful. We will be taking Lillian to Walt Disney World the week before as well. It will be our first time back since we lived/worked there together. So exciting!

4. I have been reading "Happiest Baby on the Block" this week and am really loving the realizations I am having from reading it. Just one more confidence booster that Matt and I have got this. Matt said today, "I think most people are nervous when they are this close to having a baby. I'm not nervous at all, just so ready to be a Dad." I feel the same way. No nerves what so ever. All excitement. We both agreed that for many people, becoming parents is something that puts a riff in their relationship, for us, it's only going to make us stronger. We were meant to be a family.

5. Is it too early to be excited about fall? Yes, I know it's July. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. College Football (that I don't watch but it makes me feel warm inside when it's on and it just feels so "fall"). Trips to Ben Franklin while Matt watches college football --- Lillian will get to come with me this year. Pumpkin everything. Crisp air. Sweaters & fun scarves. I'm pumped. It's my favorite. Also, I'm dying from this heat. They say it feels 10 degrees hotter when you're pregnant. 

6. I am loving that we are just about one month from meeting our sweet baby girl. I daydream about her all day long. The time is going fast and slow all at the same time. I am doing my best to keep busy and soak up every single one of her ninja kicks ;)

{blurry because I stole it from Facebook...sneak peak of our maternity session}

Happy Friday, Everyone!
We have our 36 week appointment this morning. So exciting!


  1. Oh you guys look absolutely adorable! I am so excited to hear abour your journey when your cute little girl arrives. Its a huge life change, but the best one you'll ever experience. Not too much longer!

    1. Thanks Randi! I'm getting so excited!!

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