Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Lilly Belle

Dear Lilly Belle,

We are just about 5 weeks away from meeting you now and your Daddy and I are getting super anxious to hold you and kiss your sweet little cheeks. We have both been doing some serious nesting. Mommy more than Daddy of course. I come home from camp every day though to find that Daddy has done something new to help the apartment be ready for you. I've been cleaning like a mad woman making sure that every crack and cranny in here is good enough for you to come home to. This apartment is pretty special to us and now that you're going to be coming home here, it's even more special. I got ready for our wedding in this apartment, and now we'll be bringing you home in the same place. Pretty neat. 

You have been quite the little mover in my tummy. I feel you kicking constantly. Whenever there is a time that I'm not feeling you, I always worry, just because of how much you usually kick. I'm sure it's more than the average baby. I wonder this means about your personality. Maybe you're just claustrophobic like me? Soccer player? Dare I say it...dancer?

Lilly Belle, I'm writing this to you now and I will say it to you again and again, you do not have to dance. Yes, your mommy owns a dance studio and lives and breaths dance. That in no way means you have to. I don't expect you to dance at all. I want you to live your own dreams and find your own passions. If that ends up being dance, then cool, but there are so many incredible things for you to love in this world, I never want you to feel it has to be dance. No one really understands that, but I know you will and hopefully you'll appreciate that. 

I cannot wait to meet you and know what you love. I can't wait to hear your sweet little voice and even hear your cries. Your Daddy thinks about the same things just as often as I do. We cannot wait to watch you grow and to guide you every step of the way. You have so many people that love you already. People all the way from Wisconsin to California...Hawaii actually. Daddy and I have so many incredible friends here and you are going to grow up surrounded by people who love and care about you every single day. You're going to be raised by more than just Mommy & Daddy. We live in a large but very small community. Mommy knows about half of them ; ) Everyone will always be watching out for you and for that I feel so blessed. 

It's incredible to know that with each day that passes, we are one day closer to meeting you. I am so curious about how you will make your grand debut into this world. I used to be scared of it all, but now, I have nothing but excitement and curiosity. I am so ready for labor just knowing you will be there in the end of it all. 

Last night I washed and folded all of your darling little clothes. (Girlfriend, you've got quite the wardrobe already--better than mine actually). I'm totally okay with that! 

We are just so ready for you to be here. BUT also want you to keep on growing in my tummy a bit longer. I have been in the most pain I've ever experienced in my life carrying you around and already, you are worth every second of that. 

I have to stop writing now because Daddy and I are headed to our birthing class...

I love you so much my Little Bean. You are already our whole world! 

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