Monday, July 15, 2013

Lanese Family Baby Shower: Part 1

A few weekends ago my family (Matt's family) all celebrated our Lilly Belle with a Neverland Baby Shower. My sister-in-law, Mel, put so much love and thought into the shower and it was amazing! Nana and my sister-in-law, Megan, helped a ton too and I am so so appreciative for what they all did. It was a beautiful (but hot) day and we had the shower at our Lanese family beach house. It was the first time family and friends got to see it because my in-laws just moved in about a month before. It was a great day and an awesome way to celebrate Baby Lillian!

Seeing it all for the first time.

33 Week Bump Pictures

My sister-in-law Mel & I

My friend Mel & I. We are due just 10 days apart!

Mommy & Daddy to be!

Mermaid Lagoon & Tiger Lily's Teepee! (The hot tub had mermaid balloons floating inside too)

My sister-in-law Megan made the Peter hats!

Sisters :)

Tic Toc Croc hanging in Mermaid Lagoon

Part Two coming next...

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