Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The number of kids I have in my program this quarter. 
The number of kids names I have memorized.
The number of kids I dance will teach how to dance for the next 10 weeks. 
The number of Mom's that I am constantly making sure are happy dance moms :) 
Happy dance moms are the best dance moms ; )
The number of costumes I have to make and buy before our recital in March.

I. Am. Exhuasted.
I am also loving every second of this (with lots of coffee) lol.
(And super duper excited that we have this many 5 year goal when we started was to get 100)

I was telling one of my team moms the other night that I love how much my kids love me. What I mean is that, I'll be in the middle of teaching something and suddenly feel little arms wrapped around my legs for hugs. This happens at least twice a day :) It's the best! It's not even just with my 2/3 year olds. Some of my team kids do it too. I love that they know I'm someone who is their teacher and that they have to listen to me and respect me but that I love them too and will never turn away their hugs! 

Okay, I better go get ready. Wednesdays are 5 class days :) 

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  1. That is amazing! Congrats on having that many kids to teach!

    I tagged you in my blog post. Go check it out!