Sunday, January 8, 2012

My husband is A-mazing!

This morning I took half of my team to Tacoma to watch a dance competition.
I got home around 3pm.

....while I was gone I think Matt must have had a little elf over here or something because so many things happened while I was away. I keep finding more and more surprises.

I've had an insane week. I have discovered that teaching 20 classes in one week is well, a lot. I'm only on 17! Tuesday was the start of me week so I still have tomorrow until it has officially been one week with 20 classes. I have 10 more weeks left, Whoa. I left this morning saying to Matt, "Man, I have not stopped working since I started on this insane streak last Sunday. Our house is a disaster and I have just 0 energy to clean it when I get home." I did not say this hoping he would clean it. I fully expected and was fully okay with coming home to the mess with Matt enjoying his Sunday playing video games or watching ESPN. He had an insane week too with starting school full-time while still working full-time!!! 

BUT...came home to...
*House spotless
*2 loads of dishes done!
*He did the LAUNDRY (that's my job and he never touches it)
*All garbage out (we had like 6 paper grocery bags in the nook waiting to get taken out lol)
*Counters in bathrooms and kitchen scrubbed down
*TOILETs cleaned!
*He moved our internet hook up to where it is supposed to be so now we can use the light switch in our room! (Usually he had the internet hooked to that switch so we could never touch it lol) Yay! I'm now typing this in our room with LIGHT.
*Our bed is made.
*He already knocked out some of his homework so we have time together tonight.

WHoa! I keep finding more and saying "Who are you??!!,"everytime I find something new lol.  He's getting lots of kisses and hearing zero nagging from me while he enjoys watching the playoffs now. (who'da thunk?) : ) He's pretty amazing. He always knows just how to make me happy right before I turn really not happy from being overwhelmed by something. Which he predicted in advance would have been me having to clean tonight when I am exhausted. Now I get to read and make a yummy dinner. (Shrimp Teriyaki)

Now if our apartment could just stay this clean all week. This will be one more insane week because the quarter is still new. This always happens at the start of quarters. New kids, registration, handling tuition, choreographing 17 dances (yes, I did that.)...throw in making 80 tutus and taking my kids to watch dance competitions lol. Yeah. It's awesome though. I love my job. AND, my husband. I'm one lucky girl. Oh, and I love our dog who is laying next to me and decided that Matt's pillow is the best bed around here, ha. (Don't worry, when he finds our pillows I change the cases before bed. Matt won't be sleeping on stinky dog tonight lol). 

Matt is an amazing husband, he used to be an amazing fiance and an amazing boyfriend. He's the best husband (in my opinion of coures) ;). But today...he really is extra amazing. I love him so stinkin' much! I tried to show my appreciation by curling up on his lap but that's not so good right now with him jumping up a lot watching the football game lol. The games almost over right?? Ha. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 


  1. Awww yay! Good for you, you deserve it! I love hearing how happy you two are :)

  2. Those are always the best surprises! :) Sounds like you got a good one, Chelsea! Send him my way. I got lots for him to clean 'round here! :)

  3. Awww, that makes a Mom happy to hear! I know when I am working crazy hours, like lately, and I come home to a clean house, I AM ONE HAPPY MAMA!! :) Good for you Chelsea that you appreciate what he did for you. Because I know Mat, and that was VERY special of him!

  4. Another Washingtonian! I was just down in Tacoma the other night :) ♥