Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We're having another snow day today. It's beautiful. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

This morning I was looking through our wedding photos (I do this a lot).
I saw this one and it reminded me how wonderful our wedding day was. 
How we were so so so happy.
It really was the best day of my life. Matt would tell you the same thing.
Our wedding was almost 5 months ago. Nothing changes after you get married except for knowing that we have committed our lives together. Its a very comforting feeling knowing that I'll never have to spend a day of my life without Matt.

Our wedding day... I'd do it all over again and change nothing. Especially the man I married! I've never made a better decision in my whole life.

{this was the moment we were pronounced Husband and excited! I remember feeling the biggest feeling of relief. A feeling that my life was complete with him. The best feeling in the whole world. I love that this picture captures that.}

I'm so thankful we have the photos we do. (Thank you Mom and Dad Lanese). I hope that I can always remember our wedding day as clear as I can today. 


  1. Awe! I know I constantly look at my photos over and over again and get that feeling of wanting to do it again this weekend and the weekend after that, and forever! :)

    Great picture

  2. I flip through ours all the time, too! :) There are so many that I wish we could have got, but I love the ones we do have!

  3. ahh... so cute and you can really see the joy and happiness!

  4. Love it! Such a fun moment to remember :)

  5. how SWEET!!
    that is the kind of feeling we girls dream about - the relief that your life was complete with him :) how precious that you got to experience it!!