Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Real Vintage Engagement Ring and Wedding Band.

I'm linking up today to share this story...
The story of my engagement and wedding rings is really special.

I'm linking up HERE to tell you!

I knew I wanted to marry Matt the day I met him.
A game of mini golf (at WDW), some ice cream (Ghiradelli) and Top Gun was all I needed to know this was it. Matt is the man of my dreams. As my mom often says "my prince charming."
 (get it...we met at Disney) 

When we moved to Wisconsin we looked at engagement rings a few times. We had been dating for just 4 months, but we both knew. Whenever we would look I was always on a mission to find something "vintage looking" and "different." I did not want a ring that I knew someone else was going to have as well. We also knew that our budget resources were going to be limited...little did we know.

When we moved to Washington we lived with Matt's parents for about a month and one night at dinner I let it slip (duh, I can't keep anything in ever) that we had looked at rings. Oops. 
Matt's Mom then told us to come with her. We went into her room and she opened her jewelry box. She took out the ring. The ring that would be my engagement ring! I couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful it was. It was everything I had ever dreamed of and so much more. 
This was in March 2009. 

Matt proposed on May 16, 2009 on Alki Beach in Seattle!


That is the day when Matt's Great Grandma's Engagement Ring became my Engagement Ring.
So so special!

I love that my ring used to be Melly's ring. 
Melly was my Father-in-Law's Grandma. He loved her very very much and she took care of him. He has told me that he can remember playing with it when he was little when he would hold her hand.  
When Matt was born, Melly lived with Matt's family. She lived with them until she passed away. She gave my Mother-in-Law the ring and told her to give it to Matt one day. She loved holding Matt when he was a baby. 

I love seeing photos of her and seeing those sparkles on her finger, the same sparkles that are now on mine. It's so neat!

{Here is Melly holding Matt}

I also have Melly's wedding band now as well :)

One day they'll be passed down to my Great Grandchildren too...
{side note: whoever is reading this that is family, if I die, Matt gets the rings no questions asked, k.}

After we got engaged, Matt's mom had the ring appraised for us. Here is what we found :)
*14-karat white gold and diamond vintage ring
*There are 17 diamonds in my engagement ring
*There are 10 little baby diamonds in my wedding band
*My wedding band is Platinum. 
*I have little baby-sized fingers and my rings are both a size 3!
*My engagement ring is 1.28 karats and is estimated to be worth $4,000.00 now. 
*Because of the way my engagement ring is shaped, it's top heavy and I am always playing with it flipping it around.
*I only take them off to put lotion on :) These rings are tough though and have made it through many days of play-doh, hehe.
*The value to me...priceless. My rings are the most special things I have ever owned and I am so very very grateful! It meant so so much to me that they were given to me. It always will. 

Thanks for listening to my special story :)


  1. I love your ring and how special to have Matt's Great Grandma's ring. I love how he proposed in the sand. So sweet.

  2. Such a gorgeous ring, and a beautiful history of it to go with! :-)

  3. Great blog and great story, I´ll follow.
    xoxo and happy year


  4. Your ring is gorgeous! And you have such an amazing story behind it! I thought my fingers were small, my ring is a 4.5 and when I took it to get sized the salesperson freaked out! haha but a 3?! Now I dont feel so alone :)

  5. What a beautiful, unique, exquisite ring chels!! SO pretty! I loved reading your special story, and that sure is neat that you got to have those rings, how special! I cant belive you wear a size 3, thats so tiny!

    ps- If I want to make a collage of pictures, I use photobucket.com. Its super easy and fun! Let me know if you have any more questions about that : )

  6. just came across your blog, but your ring is gorgeous and the story behind it is priceless. I love things that have a story or a deep meaning behind it.
    size 3!!! geez tiny tiny haha. I used to work in a jewelry store and it was very rare to ever see anyone with less than a size 5 finger. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  7. That it such a lovely story and the ring is beautiful!

    Happy New Year

    With Love From, Michigan

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    Your ring is gorgeous. I love how different it is, and the story behind it. :)

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  16. So pretty! Size 3?! wow, so small... I thought my size 5 was tiny :)

  17. I love this story. I used my grandmother's engagement ring when I got engaged, and I couldn't imagine having anything more special. Your ring is amazing.


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