Monday, January 30, 2012


I love making goals...we actually both make lots of them.

Here are our current goals -- Extremely short term first:
*I would like to finish the laundry before I leave for work tomorrow morning (dryer beeped. done)
*Matt has 10 minutes to finish his homework assignment before it's late. (finished before I published this)

Short Term (next few weeks):
*Finish all 80 tutus for our Spring recital. Some of my dance moms helped a ton at our 2 tutu parties...thank goodness! I have about 40 left to make and then have to make 80 bows to go on them and 80 hair bows for the girls. 
*Matt's contract ended with work so he is on the job hunt. His resume is all set to go to send out a bajillion tomorrow morning. Crossing our fingers and I am saying prayers. 
*We're going to the gym tomorrow night and then just decided we want to start going in the mornings before work...I really hope this is something we try. By the time I get home from dance at night, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. We're paying every month and not going. If we don't start, I'm canceling our plan. 
*Sell something on Etsy. I don't even know why I do these things...Matt said he doesn't want to hear me talking about not selling anything anymore because "my bows are awesome" and it's something I've been enjoying doing. It's really something I do to keep busy and keep my mind off other things. But, to make some money from it would be cool too :) 
*Start walking Cogsy more...he's gotten a little hefty these past couple months, oops. Sorry, buddy...

Short Term (next few months):
*Within the next few months we will be completely, 100% out. of. debt. It's going to be the best feeling ever. In the world. I can't wait. We can't wait. We're sooooo close now.
*February is also our last car payment too, wahoo!!
*Matt wants to continue getting all A's and B's. This is long term too.
*Be super nanny auntie for Avery. 

By the end of the summer:
*Buy another car (preferably a Nissan Rogue) so Matt can have his back and I can have my own. My first car :) 

These are the topics in our household lately.  
Well, there are others, but those topics will stay to us :)

Exciting and productive stuff happening around here.

I feel like my blog has taken a strange turn from being somewhat interesting to very not interesting and kind of lame very suddenly. Interesting to me, but probably not to followers. Sorry...we just really haven't done anything super exciting lately. I had a blast at my tutu party...I completely forgot to take pictures. I had 11 adults, 4 kids and 2 babies here (Matt escaped to his parents house). It was super super fun. 
{tutus are taking over again...these aren't even half of them}

2 of my dance mom/friends and I have started a Book Club. We're reading 
"Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" this month. Read along with us if you'd like :)

We had like 80,000 vacations planned this year and they are still all a go just with maybe a little bit longer of a timeline. We have decided to take things as they come now. Things are always changing. We were hoping Matt would keep this job for a while because he liked it so much. We knew all along it was a contract so that realistically wouldn't happen but for some reason this caught us a bit off guard. Our vacation plans are all tentatively on the calendar. The only one we will for sure no matter what be going on is our trip to Sunriver, we decided while we were there that it will be our first anniversary trip this year (except we will be going a week before our anniversary). Disneyland is also still in the mix, it just may have to get pushed back a bit. Maybe I'll get to see what it's like at Halloween :) 

Baby steps....

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