Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Many Moves & Moving Announcement!

Matt is the man of many moves.
I think I have this order right...

Grew up right outside of San Francisco.
Moved to Florida to work at Disney World after High School.
Moved to LA to work at Disneyland.
Moved to Seattle and lived with his parents again for a while.
Moved back to Florida to work at Disney World again...thank God!

Then...well, now my history...

Once upon a time, I lived in the tiny town of Hartford, WI.
If you want to know more about it...there's a movie theater, bars, churches and 2 bowling alleys.

I wasn't feelin' that so much so when I was 19, I moved here to work at Disney World.

(pretty sweet backyard.)

 (I'm so annoyed that I left that duvet back in FL thinking I didn't want it anymore. Well...4 years later I want it back and of course Ikea doesn't make it anymore.)

Then, the roommate I was living with didn't want to be in the ghetto anymore so she moved out. That forced me to move out as well because I couldn't afford it alone. So, I moved into a house with 4 other people and split a dining room with Kyle. We shared the room and split it with a curtain.
Kyle was dating Daniel, who was Matt's best friend and roommate.
They encouraged us to meet. We did and fell in love.
I moved into Daniel's one bedroom apartment with him and Matt where Matt and I shared the living room sleeping on an air mattress...ha.

Soon after, the three of us moved into a town home together.
Then...Matt's internship ended and we decided it was time to leave.
(to never see FL again...well that's what feels like at least. hate it.)

We moved into my parents basement in WI for a month.

Then, we moved into Matt's parent's condo living room for another month.

Then...we finally got our first apartment together here in Washington.
500 sq. ft Studio.

(notice air bed on he floor...yeah, that was our bed for a while until Haliam gave us one.)

(couch and chair also courtesy of Haliam. stupid old cat Miley ruining them.)

That apartment was lived in by us for one lease. And then, before we killed each other, we decided we needed somewhere with a bedroom door. So, we moved to the other building.
800-ish sq. ft one bedroom/one bathroom apartment

We pretty much hated that apartment. It was super modern and we were always feeling like we couldn't buy long term furniture because it wasn't our style at all. So...we lived there 1 lease guessed it. Moved again.
Into our current home, which we LOVE.
1,200 sq ft 2 bedroom/2 bathroom. First floor so we have a patio and "backyard". Love.

(look at the apt, not the event lol. I've already blogged it, although my nieces are pretty dang cute!)
Far in the back you can see a yellow room...that is a kitchen dining area. We call it, "the nook."

Plenty of wide open space. Our couch is usually in front of the tv.

Our patio with our "yard" ; ) Oh and a ladybug and Snow White of course.

And enough space to do this. To the right of the kitchen is our 2nd bedroom and if you were to sit on the tv stand, you could see our bedroom.'s the big announcement.
Matt and I have been waiting now for about a month now anxious to find out if they were going to be raising our rent. This would decide if we would stay here or be smart and move to stay on budget. We got our letter in the mail today...And...

WE'RE SIGNING ANOTHER LEASE HERE!!!! In. This. Same. Apartment. Whoa!
For the first time in 4 years I will live somewhere longer than 11 months! And for Matt...6 years! Holy Moly! I feel such a huge relief. We love love love this home and really didn't want to move. Guess who's painting all day tomorrow (well after teaching and before coaching)!!??!! Welcome teal and my Anthro tablecloth green walls!! yay!!!! Also, it's time to stencil those birch trees in the office! I want the trees to be I have to decide what color to paint the room. The light purple girly thing isn't cutting it. What was I thinking?? Weird and so not me. Time to get bright again!! Who am I kidding? I love bright walls.
So..big *sigh*. We're staying.

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  1. I'm glad you're staying there. I really like it! I know what you mean about finding a place to call HOME! I hope we can say that one day SOON! Love you!!!