Friday, January 6, 2012

Pinterest Friday

I love Pinterest. I could stay on it for hours and hours.
Often I resist pinning things for fear of taking up everyones entire wall, ha. 

Here are my favorite pins recently.
I called this post Pinteresting Friday...maybe I'll keep doing it -- maybe I won't. 
We shall see.

We painted a focal wall in our living room this exact color yesterday. It's amazing and just what the doctor ordered...we needed some happiness up in here.
Pictures coming soon...

Yes please. {source}

I want these so bad for on our couch. About a year ago I found coat hangers in the shape of states on Etsy, but I like these better. We need four though... WI, CA, FL & WA. 

I have been trying to eat healthier and this will be my lunch today...yum! Ha, this would be the death of Matt. He won't even do the dishes when I open a can of tuna. 

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  1. Oh I love pintrest fridays! Looove all the pics, those jeans would look rockin on you! The wash room area looks divine! I may need to to try that tomato toast..mmmm!

  2. Cute idea. I love the laundry room idea. Brilliant.

    You know you can take the "post to FB" off of your pins, right? If I didn't do this everyone would hate me on FB. lol

  3. What do you mean Jena? I don't think my pins go on Facebook. OH..I see...I meant that I would fill up their Pinterest wall hehe.