Monday, January 9, 2012


I feel like jumping up and down I'm so excited.

My girls just rocked it tonight at practice. I feel like we had a breakthrough.
They are K-6th grade and I taught them how to make faces while they dance tonight. Ha! It was the cutest thing ever. I'm so proud of them! They are so ready for competition next month...well, almost ; ) We're getting there! 

Tonight, they learned how to do some awesome the one I'm making in this awesome picture.

(that's me coming down the aisle! haha..1st competition)

I told them to go home and make faces in the mirror and watch Toddlers and Tiaras LOL.


  1. haha! Thats the perfect thing to tell them! that show is nuts!

  2. LOL That's AWESOME!!! I can feel your excitment all the way here in Wisconsin! You ALWAYS won awards for your showmanship! NO ONE can teach them that like you can!

    LOVE YOU!!