Monday, January 2, 2012


Tomorrow is finally tomorrow and not 3 weeks from now.
Does that make sense?

Tomorrow is a big day for both Matt and I. 
I am so so so excited.

Beginning tomorrow evening, Matt will be going to school two nights/week from 5pm-10pm and also taking 1 online class for this quarter. This is on top of working his full-time job. 
It's going to get super weird around here and I am going to miss him. 

Tomorrow I also start teaching my 11 week Winter Quarter and will be teaching 20 classes/week. 
*Note three of those classes are actually coaching hours*
I am excited to meet all the new kids and to start at the new preschool tomorrow afternoon.

Our schedules do not match up at all and we will basically only see each other Friday nights, Saturdays after 1pm and Sundays. The one day I have off (Friday) is the only day of the week Matt has to go into the office. Otherwise he works from home. While he's working from home I'll be gone teaching except to be home for the time he has conference calls in our office with the door closed. Awesome. 

There is a lot of good that comes from this though.... 
*We are going to really love our time together and appreciate it a lot more.
*Matt will be one quarter closer to graduating, yippee!!! :D
*I am building my program more and more...and more! 
*I won't have any more time to be bored, and when I do I'll be happy about it. 
*Our electric bill may go down because Matt won't have time to be playing video games and watching as much ESPN lol. 

(I do realize I should not be complaining and that it could be a lot worse.)

I like it though. I like being busy. So far, I really like 2012. (Yeah, I know it's only been 2 days lol).

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