Saturday, January 7, 2012


I love decorating.
It's one of my favorite things.

Check this out! It's our new living room wall!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for the frames :)

My favorite from our whole wedding. If you see it up close, you can see a tear as he's watching me walk down the aisle. Best husband ever.

Proud of our little guy ; ) And, the L was part of "LOVE" that hung above us during our ceremony. Now it's L for Lanese.

I found this at Hallmark like a week before our wedding. We said this quote to each other in our vows. I gave this to Matt as part of his wedding present.

Now we need to finish our office. We just bought two new desks and a stand with drawers for our printer. Tomorrow afternoon/evening I'm going to paint it an awesome green color...Like this!

I'm so happy we're staying here another lease. I really want to stay her a long time. Unless something crazy happens this next lease I think we'll for sure stay another lease after this year, too. It feels great having somewhere that we love and are making feel like home. 

We have lots of options in this home. We have two bedrooms plus a nook off of the kitchen. Right now we don't use the nook at all. We are rarely in there. I use it to craft and that's it. So, if we are still here when we have a baby, the office will become a nursery and the nook will become our office. We really like it here :)

Saw Mission Impossible tonight with Matt's family. I hadn't seen any of them. SO good! I was freaking out in the theater. It was so intense. I loved it though. I was surprised at how much I liked it. Lots of fun!


  1. It looks soo good! I am obsessed with picture walls and yours came out great!

  2. I agree I love to decorate. Love the frame.

  3. Chels, I think that L is divine! Loving it!

    In other news, I tagged you in my most recent blog post! Check it out here!

  4. I love to decorate too! I need a bigger house because I have run out of room! Your wall looks great and those pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Love it, Chelsea! I'm envisioning something very similar for our living room. I LOVE picture frames!

  6. These pictures look amazing! I can't wait to go and check out the posts you did about y'alls wedding. I'm a new follower :) And we got married right about the same time, I married my man on 09-10-11. :) So happy to find your blog!

  7. Aw thanks! Thanks for following :)