Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Friday and Our New Button!

Ok, first before we get into Pinterest Friday...check out my button! 
(it's on the side of my blog and others can put it on their page so others can read our blog...for my family who doesn't know what that means) :)
Kristen from Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot made it for me and I'm in love. She did such an amazing job. It's so us! Well, it's technically Mickey and Minnie hehe. I am so excited to have it!
Kristen does blog design and she's so good at it. The second I have some spare change I'm going to have her re-do ours.

I have been obsessing over these curtains all week. I found them on Etsy. They're pricey, $170.00. I am going on a yellow chevron hunt to make them myself. I love chevron.

This pillow was also found on Etsy. They have California and the Midwest too. Hmmm...

I get my iPhone in February and I can't wait. This is on my birthday wish list. How cool?!

I found this printable at the beginning of the week and it really helped me stay organized this week. I can't wait to fill out next weeks days! I love being organized. 

Peonies are my all time favorite flower. Pretty soon I'll be seeing them in the grocery store and just a few more months until our farmers market opens. I can't wait to fill our apartment with them this year.

I love denim, leggings and boots. Is this just a fall fashion? Probably, huh? Maybe next year :)

I am dying to get some big sweaters like this. I shrunk a few of Matt's sweaters a while ago and have been wearing them as big sweaters with leggings and my furry boots on the weekends to Ikea and running errands. Ha. Kind of works...

Until next Friday... :) 

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  1. I love chevron, too! Those curtains would go so well in my living room!!:)