Sunday, January 1, 2012

Woo!!! Happy New Year!!

Can you believe it, it's 2012! 
We ended 2011 with a bang, here's the recap : )

Matt and I had a fabulous New Years Eve!
We spent time with family at his cousin Mary Beth's house in Oly for a Mariners themed party.
It was nice to celebrate the NYC midnight with everyone there. We had a really nice time.

(Megan and I never take pictures together, I'm glad we did) :)

Then we headed to Seattle!
I was a little nervous about how the night would go down. But...we had so-much-fun! We got into the city and of course there was no parking. We did the circle around thing for about 10 minutes when finally we found a spot where we could parallel park right on the water (directly in front of the Clipper). There were no cars around so Matt said, "Quick! Switch spots, you have to park!" Did this girl freak out?....Quick take a guess...

You guessed "Yes", I know you did :)

Well!!...I didn't! I jumped out, switched seats and parked that bad boy in one swoop without even having to adjust. I got out and Matt just said, "Whoa!" Hehe awesome.

Then...the countdown began! They were so close to being as good as Disney fireworks! They made it space themed (Space Needle's 50 year anniversary). We did the 10-9-8 thing like we were going to blast off into space and they lit the Space Needle to look like a ship ready to launch! SO cool!! The fireworks were all to space music, even E.T. We loved it! I got to kiss my husband at midnight. SO cool!

Watch these videos to see an awesome fireworks show!!

Now, time to start 2012 off right!
I just woke up at 9am. No, seriously, I did! For the first time in almost a month, I am awake before Matt. 
Today I start my getting organized and becoming even more of a grown up year. 

Happy New Year Everyone!! 


  1. How awesome to be at the Space Needle! I've never been to Seattle but it's definitely on our bucket list!

  2. Awesome! :) Looks like fun! Did you cut your hair??
    And congrats on being up before hubs, I'm still working on that.

  3. Yeah, Jena :D I chopped my hair off and donated it!

  4. Looks like soo much fun! Oh how I want to see the space needle again! :)