Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mel's Birthday & Other Stuff.

I meant to blog about this on Sunday night...but then, I decided to do my taxes...and then I couldn't stop...until now. It took for-ever. My fault, I failed at being as organized as I would have liked. A lot more organized than 2010 though so that's good! 
(Owning a business makes doing taxes super hard and obnoxious)

On Sunday we celebrated Mel's Birthday! Matt's parents, and Mel & Clint came over to watch the 49ers game and celebrate {Mel's birthday and unfortunately not the 49ers}. 
Matt's parents brought over Round Table for Mel, Papa Johns for us and peanut butter chocolate cake from Cold Stone (yum! I just ate some that I found in the freezer for dinner, yes, for dinner--long day). I love having family over. I wish my family lived closer so we could have them over for dinner sometimes too!! 

Cogsy loves when we have company! He wanted everyone to play with him. Notice: all his toys in a pile behind him. He took them all out of his basket one at a time and would place them in front of people waiting for it to get thrown. Ha, and they say pugs don't play fetch...He's just the cutest little guy!

 I was going to post our weekly menu today as a post and then Matt and I made our menu plan...it's probably the most unhealthy week we've ever had but we are super busy this week.
...for your entertainment---here it is...

Tuesday (Matt has school until 10 and I stay here working) --- Kraft with Hot Dogs! Ha
Wednesday --- Zeek's Pizza with Chris & Katie
Thursday (Matt has school until 10) --- Stuffed Shells that I froze last time I made them
Friday --- Soy Sauce Chicken w/ rice & broccoli 
Saturday --- my dance mom friends are coming over again so Subway party platter, yum!
Sunday --- We're heading to Poulsbo, WA for the day to do some exploring so...eating out probably at McDonalds or something lol. 
Monday --- Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread 

My sister-in-law, Megan, says I could write a book on cheap meals. 
Matt and I used to spend just $30-$50/week on food. We ate like crap, but we had to and it worked : ) 
Maybe I will write a blog post about our awesome cheapy recipes though...Yes, I will...right now...you'll see it tomorrow!

Okay, that's it, no more blabbing on about stuff. 
I hope everyone's having a good week!


  1. at least you cook!
    that is more than i can say haha.
    we eat taco bell wayyyyyyyyyyy too much

  2. You should do a post on cheap, easy recipes! I am always on the look out for more. Oh, and that cake sounds amazing!