Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Miss Avery

Just 2 more months until we get to start hanging out with this little cutie patootie 3 days a week!

Yes, I'll be a busy lady. But, Chris & Katie are totally 100% okay with me taking care of Avery while taking care of business. Just acting how I would if we had our own baby. Avery will play next to me while I'm emailing parents or making up dances. Avery is going to learn how to choose recital costumes and find the best deals at Target. We'll go grocery shopping together and take Cogs Wogs for walks.  We'll go visit Mommy at work to go for lunch break walks and Starbucks.  Soon she'll be able to dance along with me too : ) And I am going to whip out all the children's books I buy and then stash away for "one day". Yay!!  

Avery slept through her first Zeek's Trivia Night with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Matt & Auntie Chelsea ; )
She was super good luck and we placed for the first time since we started going Wednesday nights in September. Serious good luck. Hopefully that sticks so we can win and get some amazing tickets to a Mariners Game. 

I am super excited about watching little Miss Avery. I love her so much already!
She's 1 month old today...(Yay Avery!) and she's an amazing baby.  
I will not be Avery's nanny, just her "Auntie" who she gets to hang out with a lot
I feel so lucky that I get to spend that much time with her!! She's such a little button! 
We love Chris and Katie and I love that we get to be such a big part of Avery's life.

Matt's really excited for her to be around. Who wouldn't be, she's so dang cute! Cogsy is really excited too, he just doesn't know it yet. They're going to be great buddies. 

We're going to watch Avery from the last week of March until I start summer camps in June. Then we'll see how things feel and probably start back up in September. We're not setting that definitely yet, we're just going to take it one day at a time : )

It would be so fun if Katie and I are pregnant at the same time when they have another baby :) 
 We'llllll seeeeee.....

Happy Thursday, Everyone :)


  1. She is so cute!! Babies are so much fun, especially when they just lay there and look adorable!! Have fun with her : )

  2. How cute is she?? I want her to sit with me and play with me! :)

  3. ahh... how sweet is she? How lucky that you will get spend so much time with her.