Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinterest Friday

Wow, I actually did what I said I was going to do and am doing Pinterest Friday again!

All of these pins can be found on my Pinterest, click on this.

{Adorable J Crew Flats. I love this color and am missing my boots I had in this color last winter. Our dumb cat --that we don't have anymore-- peed on them. Sad.}

{I'm obsessing over fun nail polish colors lately.}

{I'm going to buy these for my Sister-in-Law's wedding. I'm going to buy them now-ish because I want to wear them this spring. Pretty and make your legs look even longer!}

 {Um, awesome! Next month on February 23rd I can finally get an iPhone! I'm dying to get one. Before I get it I'm going to get this on Etsy and cross-stitch mine just like this. SO cool!}

 {This is so beautiful. I love how airy it is. If my hair grows fast enough it would be fun to wear my hair like this for Mel's wedding. I have time, it's not until September.}

{I really want to make a lantern bouquet like this to hang in our room. I would use all white though and just use all different mediums. Paper, tissue paper and fabric.}

If I actually do buy any of these things or make on of them...of course I'll blog about it! I am definitely saving for those J Crew flats and the iPhone cover. Love...! Matt and I are doing so well on our budgeting. We gave ourselves $100/week to use on stuff (ie. Starbucks, soda, fast food, Target fun trips, dates). For 2 weeks in a row we've been under! Can I get a Woop Woop!?! The shoes can wait a couple more weeks. We did a good job putting mula away and Matt got his PS3 (he had saved up a bunch of Amazon gift cards too). Hehe he discovered he could order it via Amazon Fresh...we ordered last night at 8pm and it was at our doorstep this morning before 6am. He was like a kid at Christmas. It made not having Starbucks SO worth it!

I've had limited pinning time. I'm actually writing this on Wednesday night to post on Friday. I started a new series and I can't put my Kindle down. Way better than staring at the computer pinning my brain away. ; ) 


  1. I love all these and REALLY love the lanterns all together! My friend made a pallette bed like that for her guest room and it was to die for! And way to go on the budgeting :) We are starting to figure that all out and think we are going to use the dave ramsey method and do cash! We will see how it goes :)

  2. Love everything, especially those J.Crew flats! I really love their Sperry collection for this spring as well, the colors are amazing :)

  3. I definitely want to do a lantern bouquet in our room, too! :) So cute!