Monday, January 16, 2012


I have not left the house since Saturday. When it snows here...we stay put. Ha, living in Wisconsin I would be going about my day as normal even with the snow. But here, because we live on top of a mountain large hill and have a teeny little 2-door Honda Civic...we stay put.  :( Matt doesn't want me driving. I know it's because he loves me so I'm doing all I can to stay sane staying in. Cogsy's getting lots of walks today :)

So my day looks like this. 
Chai and Cuties while I work on scanning 6 quarters of registration forms into the computer so Matt can put them into our external hard drive and I can throw away recycle all this paper.

I've also been reading a lot. Right now I'm reading "Sing You Home" by my favorite author, Jodi Picoult. I can't believe it has taken me this long to finally buy it on my Kindle. Goal for 2012 is to read 50 books. I'm happy when I'm dancing and reading so I figure I should just do more of that.

Cogsy likes today. He is enjoying barking at all the kids and dads who are sledding down our "backyard". We're fully enjoying that as well. This morning turned super un-cozy when I was watching "The View" in my little jammies as a dad pulling a sled peered through our window. How rude!
(said in a Stephanie Tanner voice). My idea of lazying in my pjs all day quickly turned into me getting ready.

This weather reminds me of Wisconsin :) I never ever have any want to move back to Wisconsin, but it is still where I grew up and so this snow is making me one happy girl!

Matt...not so much. We took Cogsy out and I was running in the snow with Cogsy down the hill as I heard Matt behind me saying "baby steps, baby steps" hehe. (When we lived in Wisconsin I told him you have less chance of falling if you take baby steps...I guess he listened lol). Silly California boy ; )

I hope everyone is enjoying your day :)

Happy MLK Day!!! I am so thankful for him and his dream. Without it I may never have been blessed to have my siblings be my siblings.

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  1. Yup living in Wisconsin still, we carry on. Stinks. But in the end I guess you just appreciate the weekends off more.