Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yes! Baby Disney!!!

(Note: Please read this in the most excited voice you can...and no we are not having a baby right now)

Matt just showed me (and definitely shouldn't have)...

(Disney Baby Shower Stuff)

(Tips for waiting in line with your kids)

My day just became way more awesome! Ha. Oh no...this is super dangerous. 

I am SO loving this. Ha, Matt just said, "see honey, waiting is a good idea...the longer we wait the more they'll have on the website." (the man makes a good point)...doesn't help though, until the day I know we're pregnant, I'm going to want to be pregnant lol. This website is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love all the nursery stuff. Eeee... not helping at all. Ha, what was he thinking showing me this? Especially after I had a terrible empty day yesterday that resulted in many pins about "living in the moment"..iy yi yi. 

(but yes, we are waiting)...and I've got a bet to win here people ; ) 

Anyways LOL...check it out! Especially if you are someone who actually has a baby, ha. 
I think I may spend quite a large portion of my day designing pretend nurseries...what?! I have off today lol who cares. This is no secret to anyone that I do this all the time anyways...

Cute Parts of the Site
*Moments: they have a slideshow running with adorable babies in special moments...you know, daddies kissing babies toes, babies in Mickey ears,...all the good stuff : )
(MOM, you're going to freak out!)
*Momgineer Tips...you know like "Imagineer", ha.
*"How to Design a Dreamy Nursery" section, way cool
*And...Disney Inspired baby names...our boy and girl names we have picked are already Disney inspired and will be secrets until after they're born...but this is just soooo cool! (no guessing please) :)
*First Disney Trip Tips for Moms

Go check it out!! Wow...I get way too excited about things lol.
Have a good day everyone!


  1. OMG. I'd be freaking out too (if i was ever pregnant). Maybe we can be together, whenever it may happen to us, all over again! :)

  2. Ha, Whit...maybe!! :) We shall see...