Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snomageddon 2012! {Check this out!}

This weather is insane.
I'm saying that and I'm from Wisconsin. 
I called my parents to fill them in today and actually said,"No Mom, it's worse than I've ever seen in Wisconsin." No lie. 

{these 4 photos are from our adventure we took yesterday...we walked to the grocery store to get logs, we all loved it. awesome packing snow. I taught Matt how to make a snowball lol}

{Look closely at this photo...yes...that would be a man skiing down our road LOL}

Oh and who needs a ski resort when you have downtown Seattle streets??...Ha! This is awesome!

It started Sunday and now, as I'm writing this on Thursday's still snowing.

We went out to get the mail today and let Cogsy out and the entire earth and everything around it is ice. Solid ice. Like at least 2 inches on everything...the ground...even worse. Our car is like an ice sculpture.

Don't think we'll be driving anywhere anytime soon :(

 Poor little Cogsworth had a super hard time walking because the ice was so jagged that it was hurting him. I kept wanting to pick him up but Matt wouldn't let me because we were walking so carefully and he didn't want me to fall. It took 10 minutes to walk to the mailbox, ha. 

There is no power in the entire our neighborhood. We got so lucky. I heard it won't be coming back on until this weekend. I think God kept Klahanie's power on today because he knew I couldn't handle being that bored. Even with the power, I'm starting to run out of things to do and am greatly missing the ability to take a walk or run to the store when I start feeling bored or yucky. 

Things I've Done:
*Read "Sing You Home" by Jodi Picoult (Amazing, I love her)
*Made like 50 million bows and opened an Etsy shop
*Read like 30,000 blogs
*Did all my employees tax stuff
*Cooked a lot including homemade Orange Chicken...Whoa! So freakin' good! Matt said it was better than Panda Express...and that's his favorite. Score!
*Cuddled Cogsy a lot while telling myself "This isn't permanent, this isn't permanent" Ha.
*Finished all the details for Emerald City Dance Birthday Parties that I'm starting soon
*Pinned/Facebooked/Blogged wayyy too much
*Had lots of time with Matt, it's like a honeymoon at home lol.

Matt life has not been affected much because he always works from home. He didn't have school this week though.

And Cogsy...well, he just slept a lot...(what's new?)

Tomorrow is another day that we will be stuck in our apt. No leaving. I've started "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" I'll probably finish it tomorrow, its so good. 

I feel so blessed that we have not lost power. Realizing it could go out at anytime really makes you think about what you want to do. We also have restrictions on our water use right now. Mmm no showers for us today lol. We're lookin' good.

Matt's outside grilling pork chops haha. I just went out there to hand him the looks hilarious. He's all bundled with his hood on and huge puffy ski jacket and....he's grilling. 
This man loves his grill :)
When he comes in we're going to make another fire. Yesterday we had one going and I laid down and read my book by it. I felt all movie-esque.

I hope everyone is safe and warm!


  1. OMG so much snow! So happy Im in florida! haha. It looks like you got alot of fun and relaxation accomplished though :)

  2. So glad that snow hasn't hit Nebraska! I didn't know you had a pug. He is precious! I love pugs. My parents have one named Gizzmo.

  3. Holy Snow!! You guys have been hit hard my the snow! Haha I laughed when I saw the guy skiing down the road, now
    Stay Warm!

  4. Just found your blog when I was on Ben and Katie's blog. I live in Oregon and it's been raining here. Took some photos of flooding today when I was out visiting my mom in Canby. My sister lives in Tumwater, WA and she called to say they were without power, and they had 2 ft of snow now it's all ice. BBRR!! Take care and thanks for sharing your winter adventure with us! Will be posting my photos tomorrow, or maybe tonight.